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About the company

DMM Solutions Ltd is the vendor of DMM. Development of DMM , Dynamic Maintenance Management system dates back to 1992. The system was originally designed for the Combined Heat and Power plant located at Svartsengi in Iceland ( The Blue Lagoon) The system has been continuously updated and is now suitable for a wide range of clients. The goal is to develop a system that is easy to use for the man on the floor but yielding maximum efficiency and information for company management.

The company is well funded by strong private shareholders, including power companies and investment funds. Major shareholders are also DMM clients, contributing to product development and even acting as DMM subcontractors on large scale projects.

DMM Solutions also offers support and consulting services, aimed at implementing DMM as an effective asset management information system at customer sites and to assist companies in defining their maintenance strategies, work procedures and performance indices.

In Iceland, the company is one the of most powerful consulting and software companies in its field. It distinguishes itself on the market by providing a purpose designed enterprise asset management system and specialized implementation procedure and the company adheres to strict standards for developing, deploying and implementing the system. 

Cooperation with DMM Solutions provides companies access to experienced software and maintenance specialists. DMM employees are acknowledged for their professional working methods and sound knowledge of enterprise asset management systems and maintenance methods.