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The main collaborators of DMM Solutions in the field of asset, maintenance and project management are:


Our customers


Regarding software development and marketing we have a partnership with many companies and producers of software and software components, including:


Embarcadero Technologies  - C++ developer's environment

Developer Express og Addictive Software  - components for Embarcadero developer's environment

JomiTech - Multi-process compiling system for Embarcadero developer's environment

ImageMagick  - Image editing

ANTLR - Lexical analyzing and parsing

IntelliJ IDEA - Developer's environment for ANTLR v4 grammars

LuckyIcon Art - Icon design

Microsoft  - C# and ASP.NET and C++ developer's environment

Ajax  - Components for ASP.NET developer's environment  - Text editor for ASP.NET

jQuery  - Programming language additions for web programmers

Leaflet  - Programming language additions for interactive maps

Oracle  - SQL database

Microsoft  - SQL database

Logi Analytics  - Reporting software

SAP  - Reporting software

Flexera Software  - Deployment of software

Dacoda - Web design

Samsýn - Interactive maps